Using small taster cups and sampling bread, try any and all flavors that interest you, before choosing your purchases to take home to cook with or give away as gifts. Taste savory extra virgin olive oil flavors like Garlic, Tuscan Herb and Black Truffle or sample some sweet balsamic vinegar options like Chocolate, Raspberry and even Peach and Pecan (our nod to our home State). Much like a wine tasting, our staff can “walk you through” while educating you on what you can expect from intensity, underlying tastes and subtle “notes” of flavor. Also, with our oils, our staff will even be able to tell you when the olives were pressed (by date or season).

All product is stored in stainless steel Fustis until sold, when we then transfer the liquids into dark glass bottles to ensure that the delicate flavors and the polyphenols (heart healthy antioxidants in the olive oil) do not break down due to exposure to light. All of our olive oils contain a high concentration of antioxidants, increasing the health benefits of the product. 



200ml bottle - $10.95

375ml bottle - $16.95

750ml bottle - $26.95 (full wine bottle size)



NOTE: Stop in and see how we are different from other tasting bars and stores! Not only do we sell premium product that our owners have researched, personally selected and imported, but our chefs are also crafting a new, healthier menu around cooking predominantly with EVOO. We are constantly creating new menu features and specialty cocktails incorporating our olive oils and vinegars, and we host special events throughout the year, such as food pairings and cooking demonstrations, to showcase our products. And we’ll even provide recipes for you to try out at home! Take at look at our Events page to see what’s on tap at the Boutique.