Beat the heat with some refreshing new and featured adult beverage selections this Summer! Here are our picks for some don't-miss beers and wines. Their crisp bodies, seasonal flavors, and light finishes won't weigh you down. 

Summer Red Wine Tip: slightly chill Red Wines to get them to their optimal 50 to 55-degree temperature. We'll be glad to bring over an ice bucket to chill your Red!


Second Self Triforce IPA locally Brewed in Atlanta

This Atlanta hazy IPA boasts “a hoppy aroma and flavors of papaya, mango, and other tropical flavors.”

Scofflaw POG Basement locally Brewed in Atlanta

Another popular Atlanta Brew described as “Hazy golden orange with tropical notes of passion fruit and a nice Citra hop backbone.”

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc from The French Alsace

A European Lager with wonderful citrus flavors and a sweet malty finish. Much less of the bitter hops finish than the IPA’s.

Paulaner Hefe Weizen from Munich

Direct from Munich, Paulaner brings us a traditional German Wheat Beer with a refreshing yeasty flavor.


Villa Sandi Prosecco from Italy

What’s better in summer than bubbles?

Rose from the Provence Fleurs de Prairie

Just sip this crisp French Rose and imagine you are on the Riviera enjoying a little sun.

Dr. L Riesling from Germany

This semi-sweet German Riesling provides excellent flavor and acidity with less alcohol.


Les Violettes Coted Du Rhone

A refreshing spicy taste, and we love the name!

Petit Pinotage from South Africa

A wine with good fruit flavors and a soft rich finish; and, once again, we like the name!

Purple Malbec from France

This classic Bordeaux Grape produces a delicate fruit-forward taste with a pleasant finish.